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In The Spotlight: Nadia Aboulhosn

Every post on her blog http://www.nadiaaboulhosn.com/ has an inspirational quote to match her inspirational style. Nadia Aboulhosn is a Fashion Blogger with an amazing style and personality to match! Nadia has been featured in American Apparel, Teen Vogue, Gotham Mag, and so much more! Here is an exclusive interview with Nadia Aboulhosn.

BSF: Where are you from? 
NA: I am from Orlando, Florida but just recently moved to New York City.

BSF: What inspired you to start a Fashion Blog?
NA: I was never good at explaining myself, or expressing myself, I found I was able to do that through fashion. After watching Paris fashion week in 2009, I decided to start my own fashion blog.

BSF: How would you explain your style in 3 words and what inspires it?
NA: Three words to explain my style would be, fearless, bold, and unexplainable.

BSF: What is your favorite item to wear?
NA: I’d probably have to say my favorite items are my 80’s leather jackets.

BSF: Do you think the Fashion Industry is doing a better job of accepting different body types? How do you deal with it with having a Fashion blog?
NA: I believe the industry is starting to accept different body types. Everyone is shaped different, and I think they are starting to realize and understand that. Most of the people on my blog are very supportive. Every once in a while I’ll have someone who is insecure about their own self and make a negative comment toward me. I have such supportive fans that a bad one every once in a while would never compare.

BSF: What exciting experiences have you had because of your blog?
NA: The biggest excitement for me would have to be how many people tell me I inspire them to be themselves. I have had a lot of great opportunities because of my blog. Shooting with Seveneteen Magazine and American Apparel are just a few.

BSF: Where do you like to shop?
NA: Thrift and vintage stores!

BSF: What advice would you give to someone that has curves that is unsure how to dress their figure? 
NA: It’s really all about wearing clothes you feel confident in!

BSF: How can readers stay connected with you?
NA: I’m all over the social media world.

Soooo beautiful

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